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10 Conditions that CBD can be used to treat

For thousands of years, CBD has been used medicinally by different cultures all the way back to 2900 BC. To name a few, the ancient Chinese drank tea from the cannabis plant as a medicinal tonic, Queen Victoria took it to relieve menstrual cramps, and Saint Hildegard from Germany recommended applying it to wounds and sores. Today, the health benefits of CBD are already backed by various scientific studies, and doctors can officially prescribe CBD for specific cases. Here are ten conditions that CBD can be helpful for:

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Mythbusting CBD: Facts and Fiction

CBD has been generating more buzz over the past few years, and you might have pieced together information about it from vape shops, social media, or friends who have already tried it several times. Still, with so many terms thrown around like THC, hemp, and cannabis, there are a lot of misconceptions about CBD.

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