Mango Kush - CBD Hemp Flowers (18%) - Professor Herb
Mango Kush - CBD Hemp Flowers (18%) - Professor Herb
Mango Kush - CBD Hemp Flowers (18%) - Professor Herb

Professor Herb

Mango Kush - CBD Hemp Flowers (18%)

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Strain Description:

Our fruity Mango Kush strain offers a sweet herbal flavour with an organic undertone, hitting you mildly with a relaxed feeling.

Strength: 18% CBD content

What are Hemp Flowers?

Hemp flowers are raw, dried flowers derived from the hemp plant. Our flowers are CBD rich and therefore have a lot of health benefits, of which, we recommend conducting your own research. Our CBD flowers are unprocessed and therefore, contain all of the vitamins, terpenes and other unique compounds found in CBD rich hemp. When all these compounds work together, they offer an overwhelmingly beneficial effect on the mind and body called the 'entourage effect.' Hemp flowers allow you to benefit from the full healing potential of the hemp plant. Using them offers you instant relief and a relaxing body and mind calming effect.


CBD rich hemp flowers have many health and wellness effects. There is a number of benefits to using hemp flowers which are backed up to scientific research. They are anti-psychotic, anti-toxic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. They are used by many to help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, get to sleep faster and treat a number of illnesses and ailments.

The Law:

This is a completely organic product with no GMO and no pesticides added. Our CBD flowers are 100% legal in the EU and UK and are 100% hemp, derived from the highest quality plant strains. The flowers are bred to yield higher CBD levels and the lowest possible ratio of THC contents.

Hemp flowers can be used in a number of ways, including; vaping, teas and can be used in cooking. They are a great choice for those who enjoy hemp but do not want the side effects that come with high THC strains. All of our hemp products have less than 0.2% THC, making them legal in any EU country and the UK. Our flowers offer no psychoactive effects. Hemp is not Cannabis.